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What is a Reasonable Accommodation?

What is a reasonable accommodation? Dallas employment lawyer Keith Clouse explains.

August 02, 2015

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The Americans with Disabilities Act requires an employer to offer an employee with a disability a “reasonable accommodation.” But, what is a reasonable accommodation? Dallas employment lawyer Keith Clouse explains.

A reasonable accommodation is an accommodation that an employer can make without suffering undue hardship. The analysis depends on specific facts. For example, a large employer may be able to offer more accommodations than a small employer and an office worker may be accommodated in different ways than a construction worker. Common reasonable accommodations may include:

  • Providing ergonomic desk furniture;
  • Offering frequent breaks;
  • Modifying a work schedule;
  • Offering telecommuting;
  • Switching to nontoxic cleaning supplies;
  • Reassigning nonessential job tasks;
  • Relocating closer to restroom facilities;
  • Providing a private office;
  • Allowing exceptions to food and beverage rules;
  • Providing a space heater or fan;
  • Relocating to a quieter location;
  • Providing alternative lighting or blinds;
  • Providing a magnifying computer screen;
  • Allowing the use of recording devices at meetings;
  • Implementing “fragrance-free” office policies;
  • Providing access to a closer parking lot; and
  • Allowing the use of a refrigerator.

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