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Start-Up Company Issue: Do You Need a Full-Time HR Manager?

Dallas employment lawyer Keith Clouse suggests a company hire a human resources manager in these instances.

March 01, 2015

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At some point, a start-up company crosses the line between a struggling operation to a full-fledged business. When that happens, the company likely needs to hire a full-time human resources manager. Dallas employment lawyer Keith Clouse suggests a company hire a human resources manager when:

• The company employs close to 50 employees. Once a company employs 50 individuals, certain complex laws, such as the Family and Medical Leave Act, apply.
• The office manager spends her day dealing with employee concerns. Hiring employees, dealing with employee issues (such as requests for accommodations or complaints of harassment), and training employees can consume an office manager’s entire schedule.
• No one at the company seems to understand employment laws. No business should rely on the Internet as its sole source for addressing personnel concerns. An experienced human resources manager knows the applicable laws, how to stay in compliance with the laws, and when an employment law attorney should be brought in for advice.
• The company loses money on personnel issues. A human resources manager can curb spending by trimming workforce management costs (such as health care coverage) and reducing staff turnover, which, in turn, reduces costs associated with repetitively interviewing and training new personnel.

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