March 08, 2011

Social Media and the Workplace

Employment lawyers review dismissal of employee over Facebook comment.

With the increasing usage of social networking sites, disagreement between employers and employees is on the rise.  The subject of how, when and where employees should use social media in the workplace has yet to be determined.  The issue requires a balancing of the employer’s legitimate business interests and an employee’s right to free expression.


Many employers respond by crafting a social media policy to govern employee blogging and Internet activity.  These policies can, however, go too far.  Last year, the National Labor Relations Board sued a company that fired one of its employees for posting comments about her employer to Facebook.  Although the comments posted were made from the employee’s home computer, they contained criticisms about her boss.


The NLRB argued that federal labor laws protect an employee’s discussion about workplace conditions, and filed an unfair labor practices charge.  American Medical Response of Connecticut Inc. claimed the employee was fired because of complaints about her work as a medical technician.


In settling with the NLRB, AMR agreed to change its internet / blogging policies, which previously required its employees to get permission in advance before portraying the company in any way over the internet.  Click here to view the NLRB’s news release regarding this matter.


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