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Resolving Complaints of “Discrimination” by Attorney Keith Clouse

A manager cannot make employment-related decisions based on certain protected characteristics.

January 12, 2014

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With so much media attention focused on discrimination cases, some employees may be particularly sensitive to perceived discrimination. They may falsely believe that unequal treatment for any reason amounts to illegal discrimination. For example, an employee may be concerned that a manager favors employees who went to his alma mater or who are physically fit. But, while such treatment isn’t to be encouraged, it’s not illegal. A manager can favor employees based on any number of factors, so long as he does not make employment-related decisions based on certain protected characteristics, such as a person’s race, age, disability, religious beliefs, gender, or national origin.

If an employee voices a complaint about discrimination based on a characteristic that is not protected by federal or state discrimination laws, an employer should respond appropriately. The employer should provide information regarding discrimination laws as well as information regarding the company’s anti-discrimination policies. The employer should also look into the allegations; even if no illegal discrimination has occurred, the employer should work with the manager to ensure employees are treated fairly and to ensure the employee feels his concerns are respected.

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