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Filing for Unemployment Compensation in Texas

In many instances, Texas provides unemployment compensation while a person looks for a new position.

April 23, 2009

(press release: cdklawyers)

In many instances, Texas provides unemployment compensation while a person looks for a new position. The Texas Workforce Commission (“TWC”) administers the applicable laws. Its website, http://www.twc.state.tx.us, provides helpful information for the unemployed.

A claimant may file a claim for unemployment benefits in person at a TWC local office or via the TWC’s website. The TWC then notifies the former employer of the claim, and the former employer may inform the TWC of any facts that may adversely affect the payment of unemployment benefits. After reviewing the facts submitted by both the claimant and the former employer, the TWC determines if the claim is valid. If so, the TWC determines the amount and duration of benefits and mails a notice of this determination to the claimant.

If a claimant is denied benefits, the claimant may file an appeal within fourteen days of the notice. The TWC’s Appeal Tribunal will then conduct a hearing. This informal hearing is usually conducted by telephone, and, while not required, a claimant may ask an attorney or other person to represent the claimant. At the hearing, the hearing officer asks questions to elicit relevant facts and, in some cases, may solicit testimony from witnesses or review documents previously submitted by the parties. The hearing officer then issues a written decision, either affirming the denial or reversing the initial determination.

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