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Dallas Mediator: How to Close the Deal

Dallas employment lawyer Keith Clouse offers five tips that will help close a deal at a mediation.

February 08, 2015

(press release: cdklawyers) // Dallas, Texas, United States // Keith Clouse
In addition to representing his own clients in mediations, Dallas employment lawyer Keith Clouse also mediates employment law disputes on behalf of other parties. Here, he offers five tips that will help close a deal at a mediation.

1. Participate in good faith. Know that you will have to be flexible on certain mediation points.
2. Provide the mediator with all the information he needs, but do not bury him with paperwork. He needs a concise summary of the matter or the opportunity to review the critical documents and talk to the key people at the mediation.
3. Be honest with the mediator. A mediator needs to fully understand the situation. You may keep your communications private by asking the mediator to safeguard your confidences.
4. Listen to the mediator. If a mediator says, “I see some serious problems with your case,” know that she is trying to help you understand the situation from another perspective.
5. Be prepared to commit. If the final proposal is a good one, you do not want to risk losing it by asking for more time to think it over.

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