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Avoid the “Smoking Gun” Email Says Dallas Employment Law Attorney

Dallas employment lawyer Keith Clouse discusses some email pitfalls to avoid.

June 13, 2015

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Emails provide a prime source of evidence in courtrooms; an attorney may build an entire case around a single, damaging email. Here, Dallas employment lawyer Keith Clouse discusses some pitfalls to avoid:

  1. Drafting carelessly. Treat emails like formal communications. Imagine an email being read aloud in a court proceeding.
  2. Sending emails when emotions are hot. Do not send an email when angry or upset. Save it and then step away. Once calm, reevaluate the draft.
  3. Taking the wrong tone. What was intended to be funny may not come across that way to the recipient.
  4. Saying something that should not be said. If speaking the words aloud would be inappropriate, writing the words in an email would likewise be inappropriate.
  5. Using the forward, cc, and bcc features indiscriminately. Doing so can damage relationships and destroy trust. Do not forward emails or copy a person’s boss on an email chain without providing some context and explanation as to why you are doing so. Try to avoid using the bcc feature. Rarely will something sent that way remain a secret.


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