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Can the Denial of a Lateral Transfer Be Discrimination?

May 10, 2015
Keith Clouse, a Dallas employment lawyer, assists employers in defending claims of discrimination. He notes that, while employers often have employees who complain of “discrimination” that does not fit the legal definition of discrimination, employers may be surprised to learn what actions do fit the legal definition of discrimination. For example, an employer may be surprise...

Fifth Circuit Affirms Ruling in Title VII Matter

May 10, 2015
The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals recently upheld a ruling for an employer in a race and age discrimination matter. Jenkins v. San Antonio Fire Dept., No. 14-50483 (5th Cir. Apr. 20, 2015), available at http://www.ca5.uscourts.gov/opinions/pub/14/14-50483-CV0.pdf. The plaintiff filed a charge of discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, complaining that he was discrim...

Opposition to a Discriminatory Practice

May 03, 2015
Employees and employers alike know that an employee who complains that he has been discriminated against is statutorily protected from retaliation by the employer. But, many employees--and some employers--do not know that an employee who “opposes” discriminatory conduct is also protected from retaliation. To establish a violation of Texas’s antidiscrimination law, the T...

Texas Supreme Court Rules in Discrimination Matter

May 03, 2015
The Texas Supreme Court recently ruled for an employer in a discrimination matter. San Antonio Water Sys. v. Nicholas, No. 13-0966 (Tex. Apr. 24, 2015), available at http://www.txcourts.gov/media/943998/130966.pdf. The Texas Commission on Human Rights Act protects employees from retaliation when those employees oppose discriminatory employment practices. Here, the employee contended that...

Go Ahead, Call an Employment Lawyer.

April 26, 2015
An executive will usually “know” when he has been wronged by an employer. He may have received an unfair performance review (adversely impacting an expected bonus), been excluded from key strategy sessions and given dead-end assignments, or otherwise targeted in a manner designed to make him resign. When this happens, an executive may correctly interpret the signs and act upo...

Selling Your Business . . . and Sticking Around

April 26, 2015
To an entrepreneur, the pinnacle of success may be selling his business to a larger company. Many entrepreneurs do so and move on to other endeavors or to enjoy retirement. Others wish to remain involved in their businesses post-sale. Doing so, however, can be tricky, according to Dallas executive employment lawyer Keith Clouse. One way for an entrepreneur to stay involved is to become a...

Documents to Review Before Leaving a Medical Practice

April 19, 2015
Dallas physician employment lawyer Keith Clouse regularly counsels physicians regarding their resignations. As part of the resignation process, a physician must review all signed documents so that he understands both what he has promised to do and what has been promised to him. Documents to review include: an employment agreement, a shareholders’ agreement, an operating agreement, ...

A Doctor’s Resignation Letter by Employment Lawyer Keith Clouse

April 19, 2015
Dallas physician employment lawyer Keith Clouse assists doctors in making employment moves. He often counsels physicians who wish to leave their current practices. In most situations, a doctor is contractually obligated to submit advance written notice of his intent to leave the practice. When providing this advance notice, a doctor must consider his particular circumstances and the factors ...

Party’s Delay Did Not Warrant Deadline Extension

April 12, 2015
The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled in an employment matter. Squyres v. Heico Cos., L.L.C., No. 13-11358 (Apr. 2, 2015), available at http://www.ca5.uscourts.gov/opinions/pub/13/13-11358-CV0.pdf. As part of its ruling, the court examined whether the trial court abused its discretion in denying motions to continue the case and to allow a party the opportunity to amend his complaint...

Fifth Circuit Rules in ADEA Employment Contract Matter

April 12, 2015
The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled in an employment matter. Squyres v. Heico Cos., L.L.C., No. 13-11358 (Apr. 2, 2015), available at http://www.ca5.uscourts.gov/opinions/pub/13/13-11358-CV0.pdf.The plaintiff sold his company and agreed to serve as a vice-president to the purchasing entity under an employment contract. As that contract drew to a close, the company attempted to neg...