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Risks an Employer Takes When It Refuses to Negotiate a Separation Agreement

November 25, 2015
Dallas employment lawyer Keith Clouse represents both executives and employers in employment-related matters, including the dissolution of employer-employee relationships. Mr. Clouse believes that, when navigating the end of an employment relationship, an employer must not take an overly confident stance that fails to acknowledge the risks inherent in refusing to negotiate with a departing ...

Dallas Executive Lawyer: Reasons an Employer May Balk at Negotiating

November 15, 2015
Dallas employment lawyer Keith Clouse represents both executives and employers in employment-related disputes. He notes that some employers believe that terminated executives stand at a significant disadvantage when negotiating separation agreements. This leads many employers to initially refuse to engage in post-employment negotiations with executives. An employer may decide to forego nego...

Expressing Thankfulness in the Workplace

November 15, 2015
Many employers will celebrate Thanksgiving in the workplace. But, in addition to a turkey lunch and the chance for employees to socialize, should an employer do anything else to express gratitude at work? Dallas employment lawyer Keith Clouse believes that an employer can avoid many employment-related problems by treating employees with respect. Showing gratitude is one way to demonstrate...

Parties’ Choice of Law Not Always Honored

November 08, 2015
Most people believe that courts will enforce any (legal) agreement just as the contracting parties intended. While this is usually correct, sometimes a court must follow legal doctrines that weigh against enforcing a contract as written. One such situation involves the parties’ choice of which state’s law will apply. A court will enforce the parties’ choice of law unless: (1) the cho...

Fifth Circuit Rules in Non-Compete Matter

November 08, 2015
The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled in a non-compete matter. Cardoni v. Prosperity Bank, No. 14-20682 (5th Cir. Oct. 29, 2015), available at http://www.ca5.uscourts.gov/opinions/pub/14/14-20682-CV0.pdf. After a Texas-based bank acquired an Oklahoma-based bank, it entered into covenants not to compete, not to solicit, and not to disclose confidential information with key...

Dallas Employment Lawyer: Evidence Spoliation

November 01, 2015
Once a lawsuit is underway, and sometimes even before then, a party has a duty to preserve relevant evidence. Destroying evidence after this duty applies can result in serious court sanctions. Dallas employment lawyer Keith Clouse explains. In litigation, a party must provide the other party with requested documents, even if the documents reveal unfavorable information. For example, ...

Interviewing Job Candidates? Don’t Ask These Questions!

October 25, 2015
Dallas employer lawyer Keith Clouse advises employers on employment-related issues. One issue arises when employers recruit and interview prospective employees. An interviewer may be tempted to treat the initial few minutes like a social introduction by asking the questions he typically asks a new acquaintance at a social event. Asking these get-to-know-you questions, however, can be proble...

Dallas Mediator: Conduct an Early Case Assessment

October 18, 2015
Dallas employment law mediator Keith Clouse stresses the value of resolving cases early in the litigation process. To do so, however, a party must conduct an early case assessment. When a party conducts an early case assessment, the party hones in on the most important elements. An early case assessment requires a party to identify: the key issues in dispute; its business goals i...

What’s Holding You Back from Mediating Early in the Case?

October 18, 2015
Dallas employment law mediator Keith Clouse encourages clients and others to attempt to resolve disputes early on without slogging through drawn-out litigation measures. Here, he addresses concerns commonly cited by litigants who are opposed to early mediation. Appearing weak. A litigant may worry that suggesting mediation early on will make the party appear weak and encourage the oppo...

Letting Employees Dress in Costume on Halloween: A Nightmare?

October 11, 2015
As Halloween creeps around the corner, some employers will plan Halloween-themed office celebrations. But, what about employees who show up in inappropriate Halloween costumes? Dallas employer lawyer Keith Clouse believes that an employer does not have to forego a celebration altogether to avoid problems. Instead, an employer should anticipate—and ward off—potential pitfalls well before an ...