January 17, 2016

Inconsistent Discipline Can Lead to Problems

An employer should be consistent in terminating employees who violate policies.

Dallas employment law attorney Keith Clouse believes, while each situation should be evaluated on its own, an employer must recognize that inconsistent discipline may lead to problems. If an employer has a policy of terminating employees who commit certain acts--such as theft, assaulting a coworker, or showing up late more than five times without notice--the employer should be consistent in terminating employees who commit those violations. Failure to do so not only endangers employee morale, but it also exposes the employer to potential liability.

For example, consider a situation where two employees have trouble with punctuality, but one is verbally warned while the other is terminated. The terminated employee may claim that she was terminated because of her age. Now the employer must defend its inconsistent discipline. If an employer has a good reason to account for the difference in treatment, the employer should be able to convey that to the judge and jury. If not, the employer may have a difficult time combatting the terminated employee’s allegation.

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